Kalusha Foundation Newsletter 01/2008

January 18, 2008

Dear Friends,2007 was a good year and we thank you all for your support. Looking forward, we at the Kalusha Foundation are feeling very optimistic and excited about all the plans we have for 2008 and with your support we are energized!

2008 is very special for us as we shall be celebrating our 5th Anniversary. We invite you to celebrate with us as you have been part of our success and a source of encouragement when we are challenged.

This year the Kalusha Foundation Zambia intends to have closer engagement with its partners and enhanced participation of our volunteers in programme delivery. In partnership with our Holland office, we look forward to increased participation of International Volunteers and to gain more financial and material support for our programmes.

Further, we are looking forward to increased networking opportunities through the internet, conferences and workshops with the rest of the Sport for Development community and other stakeholders.

We will continue making our space on the web www.kalushafoundation.org as exciting and as informative as we can. We want to keep you informed of the happenings in the various zones through stories, pictures and blogs.

Here is a preview of 2008,

Kalusha Foundation Stanbic League

In March we shall be launching the 2008 Youth League in partnership with Stanbic Bank. This year the Youth league will be better and more exciting. All our zones will be running leagues for age groups Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and the above 16s. These will be for both girls and boys teams. We shall host at least two major tournaments in each zone and at the end of the year we shall have the Champions tournament which will bring together the champions of the respective zones. We shall this year reach up to 7,000 children and youth through this programme.

Promoting Women’s Empowerment

8th March is International Women’s Day- we shall host Women Win girls’ football tournaments in some of our zones to bring together our girls’ teams and draw attention to the issues around girls’ participation in sport. We shall in the same period focus our life skills education sessions on women’s rights and education. We shall also engage some of the Zambian female athletes to inspire and share their experiences with us.

This year we shall be holding quarterly consultative meetings on gender equity to provide a platform for sharing and peer review of our girls’ empowerment programme. These meetings will be attended by our athletes, coaches, leaders and life skills educators among others.

Coaches Development

We hope to conduct training for football coaches at various levels for both youth and non youth. We shall also be conducting a coaching course for women. We shall keep you updated as we progress with our plans.

Volunteer Opportunities

As always, the Kalusha Foundation has opportunities for volunteers at our secretariat and also in the respective zones and communities. Available positions involve data entry, peer education, event management, HIV/AIDS life skills education etc. Kindly contact us if you wish to join us. Also visit our office at the address below or our website for more information on our programmes and volunteer policy.

Kicking Out Poverty! Standing Up for the Millennium Development Goals

In October we shall join the rest of the world to remind our government of their commitment to meeting the Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015. We shall host football tournaments and talk to our youth and the public about how sport can and is contributing to the achievement of the MDG on HIV/AIDS.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day, December 1st, is the pinnacle of the year, we shall host our champions’ tournament around this day, bringing together 20 girls’ and boys’ youth football teams from all our respective zones.

We shall join the rest of the world to focus on what strides we are making in the effort to combat HIV/AIDS and to show case our contribution.

We have lots of other activities planned for the year, for more information and reports as programmes unfold please visit our website.

Once again, thank you for your support, with you, Kalusha Foundation can continue to be a channel for prevention of HIV/AIDS, development of football and a generation of youth with Healthy Bodies and A Healthy Future!

Kind regards,

Kalusha Foundation Team

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